Audit and Certification for “Individual” and “Group” Farms

The JGAP/ASIAGAP Certification Program is open to any individual or group farm.

  • The JGAP / ASIAGAP Audit and Certification for “Individual” is given to a sole proprietor or a farming corporation.
  • The JGAP / ASIAGAP Audit and Certification for “Group” is given to a group of agricultural producers, defined as an multiple agricultural management entity, like JA (Japan Agricultural Cooperative), or an agricultural society or union.

How to become a certified farm

Getting Started

  1. To get started, download the JGAP/ASIAGAP standards. Make sure you understand the control criteria given. Please also identify your current situation (e.g., participation in a training course).
  2. Construct and follow operational procedures for your farm based on your specific needs.
  3. Perform a self-check of compliance and improve upon procedures as necessary.
  4. Select link to apply for an audit of your farm by the Certification Body.
  5. An audit is conducted to test for all control criteria and a final report will be sent to farm management.
  6. Correct the indicated areas of nonconformity and submit a report of these corrective actions to the Certification Body.
  7. Obtain a Certification depend on the result of audit and its corrective action report.


  • Control Points and Compliance Criteria ⇒ applicable
  • 100% compliant with “mandatory” components and showing more than 95% conformity to “important” items


▼ Standards Download
▼ Certification Bodies List
▼ Instructor Search (Currently available in Japanese only)