We have applied for GFSI recognition of ASIAGAP

Aiming to create a common Asian platform for GAP

The Japan GAP Foundation (Representative Director: Mikitaro Shobayashi) has applied to GFSI for recognition of ASIAGAP, a GAP certification program from Japan that meets the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements Version 7.1. The outline is as follows.

Outline of application for GFSI recognition

  • Certification scheme for which the application was made: ASIAGAP Ver.2 (sector: B, D)
    Standard documents: ASIAGAP Ver.2 Fruits and vegetables, grains, tea
    ASIAGAP Ver.2 General Regulations 2017
  • Categories for which the application was made: BI (Farming of plants), BII (Farming of grains and pulses), D (Pre possessing handing of farm products)

Performance with respect to categories BI, BII, D

  1. Contractual accreditation body (requirement: more than 1 institution)
    ・Japan Accreditation Board
  2. Contractual certification body that has been accredited by the contractual accreditation body (requirement: more than 2 institutions)
    ・Intertek Certification Japan LTD.
    ・Assistant Center of Certification and Inspection for Sustainability (ACCIS)
    ・Japan Management Association Quality Assurance Registration Center (JMAQA)
  3. Organizations that been certified by the contractual certification body(requirement: more than 10 organizations)
    ・BI and D categories: 94 organizations (1,049 farms)
    ・BII and D categories: 12 organizations (37 farms)
    ※As of Nov 22, 2017.
Reference (1) About GFSI

The GFSI(Global Food Safety Initiative)is an international organization by private business operators that aim to achieve improvement in food safety and optimization of auditing costs. It operates the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements, a program that aims to establish equivalence among diverse food safety management schemes around the world. Based on this program, GAP schemesor schemes including GAP which are currently recognized by GFSI are Primus GFS, GLOBALG.A.P., CANADA GAP and SQF.

Reference (2) About Japan GAP Foundation

The Japan GAP Foundation has been operating since 2006 with the objective of creating and spreading schemes for authentic third-party certification of GAP in Japan which are accepted around the world. We operate two GAP certification schemes, namely, ASIAGAP and JGAP, and the total number of certified farms stands at 4,113 (as of end of March 2017). Furthermore, we have also started operating JGAP for livestock products in addition to fruits and vegetables, grains and tea.

※ For information about ASIAGAP, please see the Japan GAP Foundation website (https://jgap.asia/en/home-2/). For information about current conditions and policies concerning GAP in Japan, please see the Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries website.