Aim for a standard GAP for use throughout Asia “JGAP Advance” revised and changed to “ASIAGAP”

JGAP Advance is revised in accordance with GFSI Benchmarking Requirements V.7

Today, Mikitaro Shobayashi, Ph.D., President of the Japan GAP Foundation, announced “ASIAGAP,” which is a revised version of the JGAP Advance that meets GFSI Benchmarking Requirements ver.7, and the simultaneous changing of “JGAP Basic” to “JGAP.” Operation begins August 1, 2017, according to the following outline:

  • “ASIAGAP” (former JGAP Advance) … A scheme aiming to develop as an international standard recognized by GFSI and position itself as a platform of GAP in Asia.
  • “JGAP” (former JGAP Basic)… A scheme supported by many stakeholders.

Background and reasons for revision to “ASIAGAP”

Since it began operations last September “JGAP Advance” has been steadily preparing for approval of a plan that aims to develop international standards recognized by GFSI. This revision is due to the fact that the GFSI Benchmarking Requirements, which are the basis for verification, were revised to Version 7 last February.

Japan GAP has developed standards for Asian agriculture by considering production conditions specific to Asia, such as high temperatures and humidity, and has promoted instruction of GAP trainers necessary for its dissemination.

ASIAGAP intends to contribute toward creating a GAP platform in Asia, developing a mainstream GAP certification, and spreading GAP widely.