Completed the standard document entitled “JGAP Domestic Animal and Livestock”; Japan’s unique GAP certification standard for livestock

First release of a GAP certification standard for livestock and livestock products in Japan

Today, Mikitaro Shobayashi, Ph.D., President of the Japan GAP Foundation, announced new standards for the JGAP Domestic Animal and Livestock to accompany those already governing fruits and vegetables, grains, and tea.

Since October 2016, we have been studying the development of the JGAP livestock standard at the Technical Committee.

Background of development

Worldwide, the needs of buyers and consumers regarding food safety and reliability are increasing.

However, in Japan, there were no organizations that operated a GAP for Livestock products with an objective third-party certification component.

The Japan GAP Foundation decided to develop “JGAP Livestock” for the following reasons:

  • Promotion of Exports is an important issue in the livestock industry
  • Participation in discussions on food ingredient procurement for the Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games in 2020
  • Growing demand from buyers, consumers, and the industry

Outline of JGAP Livestock

  • Comprehensive GAP for livestock products with consideration of animal welfare, farm management, food safety, environmental conservation, occupational safety, and human rights.
  • Covers 5 breeds of dairy and beef cows, pigs, egg-laying hens, and chickens raised for meat.
  • The rule of Audit and Certification conforms to other JGAP standards.

*The latest GAP seeks to visualize responsible farm management and ensure food safety.