Official Recognition Training (JGAP/ASIAGAP)

* Training to be held outside of Japan; contact us from the inquiry page.

  • JGAP trainer basic courses (2 days)
  • ASIAGAP trainer basic course (3 days)
  • Internal auditor training course (GAP local leader training course)
  • Trainer in-field training course
  • Auditor training course
  • Special training course
  • Regular online training course for auditors

Farm Trainer Training Organizations

A JGAP / ASIAGAP trainer is a person who offers consultations and guidance to farm owners and producing groups, like JA, who are considering implementing GAP standards. To qualify, you must be participating in a trainer training course provided by a training institution recognized by the Japan GAP Foundation.

For further information, please contact the following training organizations:

Official recognition of an auditor training organizations

Please contact directly to the following training organizations.