Official Recognition Training (JGAP/ASIAGAP)

* Training to be held outside of Japan; contact us from the inquiry page.

  • JGAP trainer basic courses (2 days)
  • ASIAGAP trainer basic course (3 days)
  • Internal auditor training course (GAP local leader training course)
  • Trainer in-field training course
  • Auditor training course
  • Special training course
  • Regular online training course for auditors

Type of Instructor Training

A JGAP / ASIAGAP instructor is a person who offers consultations and guidance to farm owners and producing groups, like JA, who are considering implementing GAP standards. To qualify, you must be participating in an instructor training course provided by a training institution recognized by the Japan GAP Foundation.

For further information, please contact the following training organizations:

Official recognition of an auditor training organizations

For further information, please contact directly to the following training organizations.